Why This Generation of Lasers Are Safe For Darker Skins

dark skin lasers

In the past, laser treatments were seen as a no-go option for darker-skinned women because of the rumored potential for burns and hyperpigmentation. But, despite their long-standing reputation, experts say the generalization that lasers aren’t safe is nothing more than a myth. Several lasers can be safely used on darker skin tones. The long-held theory has been that, because lasers target pigment, a laser could get “confused” and target the natural pigment of darker skin rather than the hair follicle, resulting in a burn. While in the past there were instances of that happening, with the advancement of laser technology reliable treatment are now possible for those with darker skin – those who are 5 and 6 on the Fitz scale. Indeed, many devices such as those with Nd:YAG wavelengths can sidestep this issue and can treat many conditions such as spots acne, dark patches, uneven skin tones, open pores, dull complexion, blemish, hyperpigmentation. Using leading medical devices such as the Fotona Dynamis pro and Cutera Enlighten, you can expect excellent results for black skin types without no or little down time.

Even though most experienced professionals do recommend many laser services for their patients of colour, there are a few treatments that the experts say to approach with caution. Resurfacing lasers should generally be avoided as these can be dangerous because they’re taking off a layer of skin, which can result in permanent hyperpigmentation when used on darker complexions.

The most important factor is that laser procedures are performed by a skilled, board-certified aesthetician who is experienced in using laser devices on dark skin. As darker skin types may need to be assessed and treated differently due to the large amounts of melanin found in the skin, it is always important to go to an aesthetician that has a good knowledge about skin types and anatomy physiology in general, as this plays a key role in selecting the most appropriate technology to use, to achieve the best results.