Why Medical Photography Is A Must To Treat Your Skin

Medical Photography

Many skin conditions are not visible to the naked eye, and while you may think that your unsightly skin conditions have appeared overnight, generally that isn’t the case. In fact, skin concerns such as pigmentation, redness or acne may seem to appear without warning but the truth is that skin conditions actually take many months or in some cases (think: sun damage) up to three decades to show up on the surface of the skin.

So how can you possibly treat something that is unseen? Well, thanks to advances in technology, medical photography is breaking this barrier. The best medical photography utilises skin fluorescence and polarized light illumination technology to enable an aesthetician or doctor to see into the deeper layers of the skin and gain a thorough understand what is happening. This enables a skincare expert to accurately diagnose skin conditions and propose the correct treatment plan and products to maximize skin health as quickly and effectively as possible. With the correct treatment plan, we can quickly remedy some skin conditions and stop others from ever appearing on the skin surface!