Why Makeup Is Out and Healthy Skin Is In

Skincare Treatment

Months of hiding behind a mask has wreaked havoc on the skin. Regardless of age or skin type, every patient I speak to has experienced or is experiencing break outs around the cheeks, nose and chin – and with new government guidelines stepping up our mask-use in public spaces, is it time to re-evaluate how we prep our skin before we leave the house in the morning –

Start by thinking about what your day will look like. For instance, if you are planning to keep your mask on while you are out and about, then don’t bother wearing a face full of make-up as your face will not be visible from the nose down. If you have invested in a re-usable, make sure to wash it after each use. Foundation and lipstick easily transfer onto the mask, making bacteria and dirt much more prevalent. If you simply can’t go out without these make up staples, then washing the mask between each use is non-negotiable if you want to avoid blemishes.

Finally, consider the health of your skin. Ask yourself if you really need makeup and if you do, assess your face to work out exactly what you are trying to conceal. Do you have redness in your skin that makes foundation imperative, or are you hiding acne scars or active acne? Perhaps pigmentation is the bane of your life. Whatever your condition is, consider investing in a treatment program to eliminate it or a the very least improve it. An effective skincare treatment plan can make make up-free skin achievable for everyone in a relatively short amount of time.