Advance Injectable filler

The Treatment of Champions

You have it in you to unleash the Fountain of Youth; literally, because it can be found in your own blood. Plasma Rich Platelets, or PRP, can be used to fill out hollows and reduce dark circles under your eyes, stimulate collagen production to rejuvenate your skin, or to ‘pump up the volume’ where you may need it most. Not just for skin rejuvenation, PRP is used to improve function for men with ED, heighten sensation in women’s intimate areas, or even used to fill out cleavage for a fuller cup size without surgery. PRP really is a champion!

£750 per treatment

Skinfluenced by: Plasma Rich Platelets, P-Shot® O-Shot®, Dual Chamber Centrifuge.

Active Treatment Time: From 30 minutes, plus 16 minutes to spin blood through the centrifuge.

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