P-Shot® Treatment for Male Functional Improvement

Named after Priapus, a god of fertility known for his sizeable penis and permanent erection, the P-Shot® takes its name from this ancient Greek god of male regenerative power and sexual health. This treatment utilizes your own blood’s rich proteins and their bioactive properties to stimulate growth factors and rejuvenation of your body’s building blocks, resulting in functional improvement and enhancement. This treatment can result in stronger and firmer erections, increased penis length and girth, improvement or resolution of Peyroie’s disease, increased sensitivity, and improved stamina.

You can expect some improvement after one treatment, but a course of three treatments is recommended for discernible improvement and optimal results, particularly if there is an underlying medical condition such as diabetes.

£1,200 per treatment | Course of three treatments £3,000

Skinfluenced by: your own blood’s rich proteins

Active Treatment Time: 1 hour (includes time for topical anaesthesia and harvesting of your blood’s own rich proteins)

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