Hair Restoration with Active Growth Factors

Research has shown that active growth factors are able to restore a healthy  hair cycle and accelerate follicle production by re-invigorating dormant and  sluggish hair follicles. They do this by sending messages to the messaging system of the hair follicle. In  addition, because active growth factors are shown to promote growth and regeneration in your body’s building blocks,  inflammatory factors found on the scalp that cause follicle death are significantly reduced.  

After an 18 month review of white papers and of multiple clinical trials, Skinfluencer has  selected the Calecim® Advanced Hair System (AHS) for our hair growth  protocol that utilizes active growth factor technology. The AHS is a ground breaking solution, harnessing the power of active growth factors to  promote hair regrowth with scientifically proven results seen in six weeks.  

 The active ingredient used in the AHS is 100% naturally derived from the cord lining of  red deer, which are ethically sourced with no harm or pain caused to any humans or  animals. The formulation includes a mix of growth factors, proteins and cytokines  naturally secreted by these mesenchymal blocks. There are no chemicals used in its formulation.  

The treatment protocol is delivered via medical micro-needling onto the effected areas  of the scalp.  

£350 per treatment | £1,500 for a course of six treatments  

Active Treatment Time: up to one hour, plus 30 minutes of pre-treatment numbing.

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