Full Vaginal Rejuvenation

The Fountain of Youth for the intimate area, we offer treatments to restore both the internal function and the external appearance of the vaginal intimate area. Because Skinfluencer is about combining and layering technologies and techniques, our non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation program combines CO2 laser treatments with plasma rich platelets (PRP) and hyaluronic acid fillers for a complete, non-surgical, rejuvenation of the function and appearance of the intimate area. Loose and weak vaginal muscles brought on by age or pregnancy and childbirth can be tightened to restore control, strength and tone to your vaginal muscles to improve function and sexual satisfaction. PRP is used to augment and stimulate the G-Spot and clitoris for enhanced orgasms, for an overall improvement in internal function. To improve and restore the aesthetics of the external genitalia which can become lax and somewhat deflated due to tissue loss, a CO2 laser is used to improve the overall appearance of the labia. This treatment can be enhanced with a hyaluronic acid filler, Desirial, designed specifically for the intimate area. These treatments are bespoke for each patient, and performed by expertly trained doctors with special qualifications in female health.

£6,000 for a course of six treatments for a full internal rejuvenation

Skinfluenced by: PRP, CO2, FemiLift™

Active treatment time: One hour per treatment (includes external topical anaesthesia, intra vaginal topical anaesthesia, clitoral block, and harvesting of platelets)

£2,500 for a course of six treatments for external rejuvenation | £500 per extra syringe (if required)

Skinfluenced by: CO2, FemiTight™, Desirial™ hyaluronic acid filler

Active Treatment Time: One hour per treatment (includes external topical anaesthesia)

£7,500 for a course of six treatments for both internal and external rejuvenation

Skinfluenced by: CO2, FemiTight™, Desirial™ hyaluronic acid filler, PRP, FemiLift™

Active Treatment Time: 90 minutes per treatment (includes topical anaesthesia and harvesting of platelets).

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