Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch Mark Removal Treatment

Stretch marks can occur in any area where the body has grown rapidly and put the skin’s structure under strain. Some people have skin that is prone to stretch marks, but as with many skin conditions, stretch marks are very treatable with the use of advanced lasers and aesthetic treatment techniques. Because stretch marks are as varied as the people who bear them, we offer a bespoke approach to reducing and eliminating stretch marks by remodelling the skin. How? We start by using laser energy to initiate skin remodelling and tightening by stimulating collagen production. We then utilise a carefully calibrated and precisely placed fractionated laser to treat the stretch mark lines and adjacent skin tissue to begin to remodel and smooth out the marks from the inside out, and address pigmented discolouration. That’s it. Leave it to Skinfluencer, because it’s no stretch for our skilled practitioners and gold standard technology to leave you with smooth, stretch mark-free skin.

From £650 per treatment for a medium area | Package of three treatments from £1,600 for a medium area

Skinfluenced by: Fotona Dynamis Pro, fractionated laser energy, and Cutera Enlighten III

Active Treatment Time: From 45 minutes

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