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Rosacea Treatment Facial

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory condition that can be downgraded and managed effectively through a multi modality approach, including patented infra-red and green intense light energy, NdYag laser light energy, and medical skincare. Our treatment approach targets every component which collectively collide to make rosacea a chronic condition. We give long term visible results by reducing pore size and background redness, targeting thread veins, regulating overactive sebaceous gland activity, and calming down and improving the overall function of the skin. As a UK accredited acne and rosacea treatment centre, we understand the causes and possess the know-how to effectively create lasting change to your skin’s health.

£500 per treatment | Package of three treatments for £1,200

Skinfluenced by: Cutera ExcelV+, Fotona Dynamis Pro and Cutera XEO Limelight IPL.

Active Treatment Time: 60 minutes

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