The Future Of Facials

future of facials

Now that the end of summer is truly within reach, it’s time to switch up our skincare routines – assess our post-summer skin and take stock of the conditions we need to change and energy-based devices are the catch-all solution.

While laser, radiofrequency and ultrasound technologies have been used in beauty and the medical community for many years, thanks to advancements and tweaks in their scope, they can be layered in specific ways for maximum impact to truly transform your skin.

A laser is essentially light, but unlike other forms of light, it’s not naturally found rather laser is created. Lasers are engineered to have very regular wavelengths, and they produce a very narrow, concentrated beam of light. The unique properties of lasers make them very useful in skincare treatment, allowing you to select the parts of light that you want.

Lasers have a variety of functions for everything from mending broken veins to managing the symptoms of rosacea and acne. Non-ablative lasers are lasers that don’t peel the skin and have minimal downtime. These help produce collagen and plump the skin.

Other energy-based options are Radiofrequency, which is a bulk way of heating the skin to promote collagen synthesis, and Ultrasound, which delivers energy beneath the skin in a very targeted way that can also help boost collagen, firm, lift, increase elasticity.

The best way to reap the benefits of these techno-facials is to see an experienced aesthetician who can advise on the kind of cocktail you might need to treat your specific skin concern. It could be that you need to combine a light laser to remove pigmentation, with radiofrequency to enhance tightening. Of course, there is such a thing as doing too much, and so I would advise always leaving it to professional and avoiding at-home treatments (unless otherwise advised), especially in combination with peels or prescription-strength products.

With the tech-sector of beauty constantly evolving, there are many non-invasive laser treatment options available today that address skin conditions that are non- responders to skincare products or spa facials. If in doubt, just ask us!