SkinfluencerThe Experience

The Skinfluencer experience is about making you feel welcome, and ensuring that you trust our ability to expertly care for your skin. This is to be Skinfluenced.

Skinfluenced (v) To affect significant aesthetic change using cutting edge technologies and techniques through a concierge client service delivery model in a luxury boutique setting. A person has been Skinfluenced when they experience Skinfluencer’s uncompromising standards that touch every aspect of the client journey, and have achieved his or her skin and body goals through non-invasive advanced aesthetics techniques.

Your journey starts with an in-depth consultation to discuss your skin and body goals. Our clinicians are all leaders in their fields who expertly draw from Skinfluencer’s unrivalled protocols to create your bespoke treatment plan.

Your treatment plan will consider your desired outcomes, timeframe and special considerations. It will include a breakdown of the benefits, duration and costs for each phase of your treatment journey, throughout which the Skinfluencer clinical and client concierge team will guide and support you as you work towards your skin and body goals.

Skinfluencer’s commitment to excellence does not stop with our unrivalled treatment protocols and concierge service, but extends to our boutique interiors which were designed using sustainable and eco-friendly materials without compromising on luxury.