Ultraformer III


This CE marked device delivers focused ultrasound energy with precision, causing dermal micro-coagulation and subcutaneous fat micro-reduction for excellent non-surgical lifting and sculpting, without affecting unintended areas or layers of tissue during treatment.

Micro focused ultrasound energy is transferred precisely and directly into the dermis to create energy spots in the focused points, which are heated to between 65 to 70 degrees Celsius. This temperature range is sufficient to cause the tissue to stimulate fibroplasia, or migration of new connective tissue to create a controlled wound. The body’s response to heal the wound allows for remodelling of tissue, inducing a tighter and more uniform build-up of new collagen fibres, making the skin firmer, brighter, tighter and more elastic.

The natural process of creating new and more elastic collagen builds over time. Patients report significant improvement four to twelve weeks post treatment, with continued improvement over nine months.

The Ultraformer III enables high peak power for faster shot speed and increased patient comfort. It also includes macro and micro focused ultrasound that allows treatment to all areas of the face and neck, including the chin and eyes. The device may also be used to treat the body, to tighten skin in the upper arms, post-pregnancy stomach, knees, buttocks and thighs.