Cutera ExcelV+


With design input from leading dermatologist, this next generation laser delivers the power, precision and performance to safely and effectively treat indications from challenging vascular and pigmentary conditions such as rosacea, diffuse redness, facial veins, leg veins, periorbital veins, angiomas, port wine stains, poikiloderma, wrinkles, venous malformations, bruising, inflammatory acne, benign pigmented lesions, age spots, scars, and acne scars.

The ExcelV+® adjusts for variable spot sizes from 2mm to 16mm with increment adjustments of 0.5mm. This allows for precision treatment of small thread veins to quicker treatment of larger areas (16mm is the largest spot size in this class of laser). This allows for precision control to address small thread veins on the face.

Two clinically proven wavelengths are designed to be absorbed by haemoglobin, pigment, and by water. In this manner, the wavelengths will precisely target the “feeders” of what presents as redness or brown pigment on the skin as well as targeting larger blue veins and blood vessels.

The Genesis V™ is a laser genesis modality that delivers NdYag energy in micro pulses (532nm or 1064nm) to gently and safely target deliver controlled heat to the dermis, which can fade the appearance of blood vessels, stimulate new collagen, improve acne and fade scars, thereby improving the appearance of wrinkles and other noticeable signs of ageing.

A lovely feature of this world class laser is the CoolView integrated sapphire lens which remains cool to the touch to optimise patient comfort and safety by providing pre, parallel and post-bulk cooling.