Co-Founder Sharin Shafer

During her thirty year career, Sharin has served a global client base from over 100 countries. As a young senior manager and director at Ernst & Young, she oversaw the largest corporate merger in history. She has also served as the Chief Operating Officer for multinational companies, and in this capacity has developed and implemented strategic plans for complex business models, streamlined operations in order to optimise financial returns, and worked with her team to develop and take to market new product lines.

Sharin always wished for makeup free skin, and as a woman in her 50s she values aesthetic treatments that faithfully help to maintain a natural youthful appearance. She saw the advancements in energy based skincare technologies and aesthetic techniques as an opportunity to create a concept which standardises treatment protocols to offer exceptional results for men and women of all ages. Sharin is leveraging her experience in corporate America to realise her vision of creating a world class global skincare destination brand which offers unrivalled curated aesthetic treatments delivered as a luxury service in boutique settings.

A proud native Texan, Sharin has served on boards in arts, education, and healthcare. A mother of two grown daughters, she has now birthed and is nurturing Skinfluencer.