Tamara Alireza

Tamara Alireza, PhD

As a Functional Medicine practitioner, Dr. Tamara Alireza uses evidence-based science and biology to address the root cause of disease. Dr. Alireza works closely with her clients to help rebalance their systems for lasting, improved health, and to empower them to take an active part in their own recovery.

Her research into the cellular and molecular mechanisms of inflammation and neurodegeneration, coupled with an interest in understanding the pathways that lead to chronic conditions and disease, provide a unique perspective which enrich her practice and provide long term solutions for her clients.

Dr. Alireza holds a PhD from Imperial College, an MSc from University College London, an MSc from the Sorbonne University (UPMC) in Paris, and a BA in Biomedical Engineering. In addition, Dr. Alireza has completed the Functional Medicine Mastery Course from the Integrative Medicine Academy, Functional Nutrition Full Body Systems from the Functional Nutrition Alliance and multiple courses in functional nutrition to address underlying causes of disease.