Warts and All

A nice sentiment, but most of us don’t really mean it when we say that we accept something with “warts and all”. Frustratingly, most wart treatments take weeks and are ineffective. At Skinfluencer, we don’t do “ineffective”. Utilising the power of laser energy to penetrate through even thickened, calloused tissue, we can target and induce coagulation of blood vessels that feed the wart, thereby destroying it by cutting off its food source. If you wart is a common wart, flat wart, pigmented wart, plantar wart, or a mosaic wart collection, we can effectively treat in a way which also promotes faster healing and reduces the possibility of recurrence. Go ahead, kiss as many frogs as you like, we’ve got you covered!

From £350 per treatment (two to three treatment sessions required)

Skinfluenced by: Fotona Dynamis Pro, NdYAG laser energy

Active Treatment Time: From 20 minutes

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