Skinfluencer Signature Facial

Kickstart your skin’s restoration and renewal regimen with our one-of-a-kind deep cleansing facial that targets both the dermis and epidermis. This comprehensive one hour medical grade facial is adapted for individual skin profiles, and includes a deep cleanse, extractions (when needed), a light chemical peel and light laser peel. The treatment ends with a bespoke nourishing masque calibrated to best suit your skin. “The Skinfluencer Signature Facial” promises to purify, nourish and restore the skin, perfectly complementing any skincare programme and to maintain your healthy glow.

£350 per treatment | Package of three treatments for £950

Skinfluenced by: Fotona Dynamis Pro, Cutera XEO Limelight, bespoke chemical peels and trained hands

Active Treatment Time: 60 minutes

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