I’m So Vein

Known on the “street” as thread veins, spider naevi, rosacea and angiomas, these vascular lesions occur when the small capillaries in your skin become dilated and present as red spots, larger lesions, or spread out giving rise to the name “thread” or “spider” veins. These lesions can appear on the face and legs, and can be present from birth or develop with age. Many of these benign lesions can be either completely removed or significantly improved with lasers. The precision targeted laser energy immediately shrinks the capillaries and is readily absorbed by blood in the vein which destroys the vein wall and shrinks the vessel. Your body then naturally clears away the tissue just as it does with any bruise, with dramatic cosmetic results. It’s okay to be a little vain, but only in the right vein.

From £185 for the face | From £225 for legs

Skinfluenced by: Fotona Dyamis Pro

Active Treatment Time: 60 minutes

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