Rockstar Ingredients Part 1: Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Rockstar ingredients:

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by skincare ingredients as if you believe what you read, there seems to be a new ingredient every week that is being hailed as the ‘miracle du jour’ in the media.

As an advanced skin health therapist, I focus on “rockstar” ingredients, which I can as the “over achievers” in skincare. I love them because they are hard working and – when correctly chosen – they can minimize your skincare routine whilst maximizing your results. Best of all they guarantee results because they are clinically proven and in some cases have decades of scientific research studies to prove their efficacy, which brings me nicely to Vitamin C.

And why do I love this ingredient so much? Multiple reasons to be honest! It’s hard working because it continuously eats up the free radicals that we are exposed to throughout the day. These free radicals originate from environmental factors including pollution, cigarette smoke and pesticides If they are left on the skin, they speed up the ageing process. So, applying vitamin C to your skin daily is not only a line of defence against factors that accelerate ageing,  it’s also an exceptional skin brightener. 

There is a catch, however. It can be difficult to find a Vitamin C that is stable, and doesn’t oxidise before you finish the product. (It’s worth noting that once the formula oxides, the vitamin C becomes ineffective).

The best option is to choose pump bottles that do not expose the entire product to the air every time you use it.