Pigmentation Removal

The jewel in Skinfluencer’s crown is pigment, which shines because of our multi-modal approach to defeating even the most difficult underlying pigment issues. We offer programs to shatter and manage melasma, or erase away sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and freckles. We also treat pigment that presents as vascular and inflammatory issues such as rosacea, or vascular lesions, broken capillaries and veins, birth marks, port wine stains, and hemangioma.

Prices starting from £250.

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Shatter My Melasma Treatment

Melasma is caused by melanocytes dumping excess pigment into the lower levels of the skin. “Shatter My Melasma” is a bespoke, four-month multi-modal method that offers treatments which wage war on the melasma, forcing it into retreat.

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Melasma Treatment

Manage My Melasma is strictly designed as a followup to “Shatter My Melasma” programme. Because the underlying cause of melasma is genetic and often hormonal, it is a chronic inflammatory condition that must be managed. With our triple M protocol, we have everything you need to teach those melanocytes some manners!

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Laser Scar & Pigment Removal

Our Dazzle Me treatment punishes pigment and says goodbye to old scars for a clearer complexion. This next generation procedure uses ultimate powerful pulse MLA laser energy that is transmitted through a honeycomb structure, which amplifies the energy pulse to almost 4 x its strength, allowing deeper penetration to destroy unwanted surplus pigment and targets even the hardest to reach scars without damaging any of the surrounding skin tissue.

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Treatment For Glowing Skin

Get ready for your close-up! Achieve unrivalled luminosity for INSTA-worthy skin without the need for photoshop with “Glow, Baby, Glow”. This hero treatment will selfie-proof your skin by banishing unwanted pigment,fine lines, pores and laxity to leave it smooth and soft and undeniably radiant.

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IPL Laser Facial Treatment

Gone In A Flash is a quick fix treatment suitable for those with lighter skin types who want to banish brown and red pigment. This treatment will not trick melasma, but will toss out sun damage, freckles, photo damage, and vascular pigmentation. Leaves your skin bright and beautiful—in a flash.

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Sun Damage Removal Treatment

Two complementary laser wavelengths, with patented ultra-performance technology, will undo years of damage to the skin in one comprehensive treatment, SMS…Save My Skin! The dual light energy removes unwanted pigmentation, reduces vascular inflammation, and improves texture and tone.

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