IV Drip Therapy & Vitamin Drips

Skinfluencer has partnered with Apothecary IV to offer doctor formulated drips which  can be customised to your body’s needs. As opposed to pre-mixed cocktails, each drip  includes medical-grade ingredients and is mixed for you and customised to your  individual profile and needs.  

To aid with recovery, support a healthy immune system, boost physical and mental  performance, give your hair and skin strength and vitality, and to promote general  wellbeing and relaxation of the mind and body.  

Each drip is carefully calibrated with medical grade vitamins and minerals to optimise a  balance of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.  

All bespoke and customised to your individual needs. When a course of drips is  recommended, we take baseline bloods to ensure that the drips are optimised for  efficacy and for safety.

Drip Menu  

£250 per drip | £1,250 for a course of six drips  

Treatment Time: from one hour.

Why consider IV Vitamin Drips?  

You might be feeling run down, jet lagged, needing to detox or recovering from a  bad cold or a sports event.  

With oral vitamins, just 15% of the active nutrients enter into your bloodstream. With an IV vitamins’ cocktail, 100% of the vitamins and nutrients are absorbed directly into your body:  

  • Fast acting: the vitamins and nutrients bypass the digestive system and enter your bloodstream to help your body start healing itself. Intravenous therapy also enables much higher concentrations to be delivered directly to where needed for increased absorption to help you quickly feel revitalised and re-energised.  
  • Scientifically proven: the IV Vitamin Drips we use have been thoroughly researched and developed by leading doctors, naturopathic doctors, and  nutritionists to ensure safety and efficacy.   
  • Safe to take: the substances used in IV Vitamin Drips are all essential nutrients.

AboutOur Treatments

Recovery IV Vitamin Drip

A little under the weather from a self-induced ailment, or need a bit of a boost following a mild virus, the Recovery drip is formulated to rehydrate, boost your immune system,  improve energy levels, and detox your body. 

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Recovery IV |Drip with Vitamin B12 Complex

The Recovery Plus is designed to aid in the recovery phase of acute illnesses such as gastroenteritis, tonsillitis, chest infections or flu-like illnesses which can result in significant dehydration and ongoing fatigue for several days to weeks following illness.

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Immune Boost IV Drip with Vitamin B Complex & High Dose Vitamin C

Immune Boost is a course of six drips designed to promote a healthier and more robust immune system.  

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Skin Glow IV Vitamin Drip Therapy

Skin Glow is a course of six drips designed to improve the quality, tone and overall complexion of the skin from the inside out.

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Skin Glow Plus

Skin Glow Plus is a course of six drips designed to improve the quality, tone and overall complexion of the skin from the inside out.

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Jetlag Recovery IV Vitamin Drip Therapy

Jetlag Recovery is designed to help improve the symptoms of fatigue, poor sleep and dehydration which can occur from frequent or long-haul traveling.

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