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Functional medicine uses evidence-based science and biology to address the root  cause of disease, and is used to offer long-term improved health for issues such as  digestive and skin problems, fatigue, hyperactivity, ADHD, chronic health conditions, fertility issues, immune dysfunction, autoimmune disorders, yeast over-growth, and  mental health issues.

Each session begins with a thorough medical, lifestyle and symptoms history, as well as  a discussion of the desired goals and outcome from treatment. This history, along with  diagnostic screening and testing into areas such as allergen and food sensitivity  analyses, blood tests, heavy metals screening, mould exposure, gastrointestinal health  screening, and organic acid testing for metabolic products that include vitamins,  antioxidants, neurotransmitters, intestinal microbial overgrowth, and mitochondrial  function will be used to determine what may be contributing to the underlying health  issue. In this manner, the underlying issue may be addressed and improved upon. 

After the initial consultation and diagnostic testing, a bespoke health optimisation  programme will be developed which is tailored to meet your individual requirements.  This may include changes in lifestyle, environment and nutrition. The aim is to address  each concern and to work closely together to rebalance systems to provide a long-term  solution for improved health. This also empowers you to take part in your own recovery.  

£350 for initial consultation . £150 for follow up consultations + cost of diagnostic  testing.  

Treatment Time: One hour consultations with the Functional Medicine doctor.

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