What is the booking process?

You can book an appointment by calling, texting or emailing our Client Care Concierge. Your first appointment will include a consultation with a senior member of our clinical team and if you would like to receive a treatment during your first appointment, it may also include our medical-grade Skinfluencer Signature Facial.

Upon booking, you will be sent some paperwork, which you can complete online and, when completed, is automatically sent to your secure medical file. By completing your medical history and COVID screening forms online prior to your appointment, you can take your time to consider the questions, and not feel pressure when you arrive for your appointment. This also allows our clinicians time to review your medical history to familiarise themselves with your concerns and journey to date so that they can focus your consultation time on developing a plan with you to resolve your concerns.

How long should I allow for an initial consultation?

Our consultations are in-depth, and include medical photography and (if desired) a laser patch test. Please allow one hour for your consultation.

Why must we have a consultation before treatment?

Helping you achieve your skin goals requires a thorough evaluation of what are often multiple underlying issues that present as something you want to change about your skin. We use medical photography as a diagnostic tool to reveal any underlying issues; for example, sun damage in the dermal level of your skin that you cannot yet see but which can be compromising your skin health and presenting as “rough” skin. We also spend time with you to review the treatment options in relation to your desired journey and outcome, because this is as important as the treatment itself. Finally, we can use this opportunity to conduct a laser patch test to both give you an experience of how the laser feels on your skin, and to test your skin for its reaction to laser energy.

When you book your consultation, you may combine this appointment with our Skinfluencer Signature Facial, which is a one-hour comprehensive medical grade facial specifically designed to prep your skin for further treatment and tweaked to give your skin what it needs.

Is there a fee for the consultation?

There is a £50 fee for a one-hour in depth consultation with our medical aestheticians. Consultations with a doctor are charged at £100 for 30 minutes, or £200 for one hour.

What is a laser patch test, and why is it required?

A laser patch test is simply the opportunity to test your skin with the laser using the parameters that would be used during therapeutic treatment. This test allows the clinician to examine your skin’s reaction to the laser energy, and for you to feel the sensation of the laser on your skin. A patch test is required by law for safety measures to ensure that the skin does not negatively react to the laser energy. The patch test must be completed 48 hours prior to treatment for lighter skin types, and up to 72 hours prior to treatment for darker skin types. The laser patch test takes about 1 minute to perform.

What happens after my consultation, and how do I start my treatment journey?

Following your consultation, you will be sent a comprehensive treatment plan which outlines Skinfluencer’s recommended action plan, duration, cost, and what to expect from your treatment journey such as expected downtime and aftercare.

You will start your treatment journey by contacting our Client Care Concierge to book your appointment. Your Client Care Concierge will advise you as to how much time to allow for your treatment, including active treatment time and prep time (e.g., time for numbing cream where you can relax or work while your skin goes nice and numb).

How many treatments are required in order to see results from energy based treatments?

Energy is used to stimulate collagen production, which will reverse the ageing process, clear away unwanted pigment, and target cellular transformation. Although you will see results after one treatment, transforming your skin or body through non-invasive energy based treatments will generally take multiple treatments. For a majority of clients, three treatments, spaced four to six weeks apart, is often recommended. Some energy based treatments, such as Ultherapy, require only one treatment, whereby you will enjoy optimal results after six months

How long after I have had Anti-Wrinkle treatments or fillers do I have to wait before I can have a laser treatment?

The therapeutic energy introduced to your skin during an aesthetic laser treatment could disrupt “freshly” injected products. It is therefore advised that you wait up to one week following an anti-wrinkle treatment, and four to six weeks following dermal filler injections prior to any laser treatments in the same area.

Are there any side effects to laser treatments?

Because laser treatments induce controlled damage to the skin to produced desired results (e.g., shattering pigment, boosting collagen production), your body’s natural defence mechanisms may create a histamine reaction, or induce hyper keratin production, as a response to the controlled damage. This is particularly true of the highly effective lasers we utilise at Skinfluencer. If you do have a histamine response, it is most likely to happen after your first treatment and last for up to five days and may include redness or small white bumps. This can be counteracted with our guidance, and unlike allergic reactions, will not get worse with subsequent treatments.

Are laser treatments safe if I have melasma?

The correct lasers in the correct hands are extraordinary tools to manage melasma. Skinfluencer specialises in treating unwanted pigment, including pigment caused by this stubborn chronic inflammatory condition.

Are lasers safe for darker skin types?

Darker skin types absorb more energy than lighter skin types. For this reason, many lasers are considered unsafe for darker skin types. However, Skinfluencer can treat all skin types safely and effectively with our cutting edge, global gold standard technology.