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Benign Skin Lesions

Your Ultimate Guide to Common Benign Skin Lesions

Skin lesions are extremely common; most people have them and an overwhelming majority of them are benign. Benign skin lesions can present themselves in many different ways, from freckles and moles, to skin tags and ‘age spots’. Whilst many people are not fazed by their ‘lumps and bumps’, others may feel self-conscious by their appearance […]

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Medical Photography

Why Medical Photography Is A Must To Treat Your Skin

Many skin conditions are not visible to the naked eye, and while you may think that your unsightly skin conditions have appeared overnight, generally that isn’t the case. In fact, skin concerns such as pigmentation, redness or acne may seem to appear without warning but the truth is that skin conditions actually take many months […]

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dark skin lasers

Why This Generation of Lasers Are Safe For Darker Skins

In the past, laser treatments were seen as a no-go option for darker-skinned women because of the rumored potential for burns and hyperpigmentation. But, despite their long-standing reputation, experts say the generalization that lasers aren’t safe is nothing more than a myth. Several lasers can be safely used on darker skin tones. The long-held theory […]

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Retinoic Acid AKA Retin-A or TretinoinRetinoic Acid AKA Retin-A or Tretinoin

Rockstar Ingredients Part 2: Retinol

With multiple names and many forms, Retinol has become a blanket term in the Beauty Industry, implying that all forms are created equal. But unfortunately this is not the case and so it’s not surprising that “retinol” has become one of the hardest skincare ingredients to navigate.  Retinol comes in various guises. In general the […]

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Vitamin C

Rockstar Ingredients Part 1: Vitamin C

Rockstar ingredients: It’s easy to become overwhelmed by skincare ingredients as if you believe what you read, there seems to be a new ingredient every week that is being hailed as the ‘miracle du jour’ in the media. As an advanced skin health therapist, I focus on “rockstar” ingredients, which I can as the “over […]

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future of facials

The Future Of Facials

Now that the end of summer is truly within reach, it’s time to switch up our skincare routines – assess our post-summer skin and take stock of the conditions we need to change and energy-based devices are the catch-all solution. While laser, radiofrequency and ultrasound technologies have been used in beauty and the medical community […]

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Hyaluronic acid

WTH is Hyaluronic Acid?

You may have heard that Hyaluronic Acid is the key to plump, glowing skin but it’s important that you know how to use it, or it could make your complexion very unhappy. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a type of molecule naturally found in your skin that takes water from the air and absorbs it into your […]

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Skincare Treatment

Why Makeup Is Out and Healthy Skin Is In

Months of hiding behind a mask has wreaked havoc on the skin. Regardless of age or skin type, every patient I speak to has experienced or is experiencing break outs around the cheeks, nose and chin – and with new government guidelines stepping up our mask-use in public spaces, is it time to re-evaluate how […]

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Supplements 101

While skincare products and treatments can do a lot, for your skin to be in optimum health and look glowing and fabulous, it is important to monitor what you put into your body. It is vital to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, high-fibre whole grains and seafood, which will ensure you are […]

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This is what to remember when choosing a skincare serum

This is What to Remember When Choosing a Skincare Serum

A face serum is more lightweight than a moisturiser and contains a higher concentration of active ingredients. Amino acids should be at the top of your list as they serve an important role in retaining moisture, which is key to ensuring skin looks its best possible.  Air pollution is a major contributor to skin ageing […]

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