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To refine and define, all Skinfluencer branches are supported by aesthetic physicians who can expertly micro sculpt your face with derma fillers and botulinum toxin, or utilise PRP for cosmetic and functional performance treatments.

Prices starting from £300.

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PRP, the Treatment of Champions

You have it in you to unleash the Fountain of Youth; literally, because it can be found in your own blood. Plasma Rich Platelets, or PRP, can be used to fill out hollows and reduce dark circles under your eyes, stimulate collagen production to rejuvenate your skin, or to ‘pump up the volume’ where you may need it most.

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Profhilo® is a highly effective injectable product of ultra-pure stabilised hyaluronic acid that initiates bio remodelling to counteract the appearance of ageing skin. This deep hydration treatment works in both the dermis and epidermis by encouraging skin cell receptors to stimulate the production of four different types of collagen and elastin that is naturally lost […]

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Chisel Me Perfect

If, like most people, your facial features are a few rounding errors shy of The Golden Ratio, dermal fillers can help you cheat at maths! With expertly placed and selected dermal fillers, you can achieve chiseled cheekbones, reshape your nose or chin, define your jawline, or pucker your pout.

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Don’t Look So Surprised!

Not just for wrinkles anymore; botulinum toxin can also be administered to combat migraines, relax jaw muscles, control perspiration, modify a gummy smile, and yes, to fine tune the arch of your brow and shoo away those crows’ feet.

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