Acne, Rosacea & Scarring

Whether a chronic skin condition such as rosacea, stubborn acne, or scarring from surgery, stretch marks, burns or trauma, Skinfluencer has the experience and tools to “make it all go away”. Skinfluencer is an Acne and Rosacea U.K. accredited treatment centre, so you know that we understand how best to manage these difficult to treat chronic conditions. We have also developed proprietary scar revision treatment protocols for unrivalled results. From basic breakouts to cystic acne and hormonal flair ups, acne can raise its ugly head and cause scarring, or post inflammatory hyper pigmentation—and not just on the face. Skinfluencer offers multiple treatment options such as growth factors, vitamin infusions, Vampire facials, chemical peels, fractional laser resurfacing, energy based miconeedling with controlled radio frequency heating, and prescription strength creams to address the causes and side effects of acne to even out your skin tone and texture, tighten open pores, and clear away whiteheads and blackheads. We also utilise the power of lasers and advanced medical aesthetic treatments to safely diminish or eradicate hypertrophic and keloid scars such as fresh surgical scars, old traumatic scars, burns, stretch marks, or atrophic acne scars such as icepick, boxpark, and rolling acne scars. We understand that beauty is more than skin deep, and sometimes needs a little science to nudge it along.

Prices starting from £350.

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Skinfluencer Signature Facial

Kickstart your skin’s restoration and renewal regimen with our one-of-a-kind deep cleansing facial that targets both the dermis and epidermis.

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No Pores on Me

Make visible pores and a shiny face a thing of the past. Combining the most powerful Q-Switch laser boasting PICO power with carbon paste. This ultimate pore reducing protocol kills bacteria, reduces inflammation, improves microcirculation and lymphatic drainage to remove toxins and debris from your skin, draws out blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin and excess oil””all causing pores to shrink and your complexion to sing!

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In the Spotlight

In this futuristic laser-based protocol, mixed long pulsed and high energy ultra-short bursts of energy will zap those zits into submission, revealing beautiful, clear skin that you will never want-or need to-conceal again.

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Don’t Make me Blush

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory condition that can be downgraded and managed effectively through a multi modality approach, including patented infra-red and green intense light energy, NdYag laser light energy, and medical skincare.

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Don’t Stretch out About it!

Stretch marks can occur in any area where the body has grown rapidly and put the skin’s structure under strain. Some people have skin that is prone to stretch marks, but as with many skin conditions, stretch marks are very treatable with the use of advanced lasers and aesthetic treatment techniques.

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(Go) Skin Deep(er)

Looking for a dramatic skin resurfacing treatment that is safe and with minimised downtime? New generation fractional lasers were developed to shorten the recovery time and reduce the negative side effects associated with early fractional ablative or CO2 laser therapies.

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Revisionist History

Do you want to revise your scars and rewrite some chapters in your skin’s dynamic history? From post-operative surgical scars to accidents to burns, old or new, Skinfluencer utilises ground breaking laser technology and treatment techniques to significantly improve the appearance of a wide range of scar tissue on all skin types.

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